We assist during all phases of project delivery and structure implementation. Our services include:
Structural Engineering

We work with clients and consultants to develop projects from concept to completion, leveraging our experience and technology to find the balance between budget, engineering principles, constructability, and regulations.

Civil Engineering

We develop site-specific, environmentally responsible solutions to increase developable area. Our civil services include:

  • Feasibility studies,
  • Functional Servicing Reports,
  • Stormwater Management Reports,
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Planning,
  • Grading and Site Services Design.
Conceptual planning

During early planning stages we identify critical challenges and imperative information required to ensure the project falls within the feasibility constraints. Borrowing from our experience, we guide our clients to make early decisions which have the highest probability to deliver successful results.

Contract administration

During construction phase, we provide the following assistance:

  • Contractor quotation reviews,
  • Shop drawing reviews and product approvals,
  • General compliance inspections and sign-off letters for permit close-out,
  • Contractor progress payment draws review,
  • Construction support and unforeseen site challenges.
Value engineering and peer review

Working in a design-build team environment we review and improve solutions proposed by other consulting firms to help our construction partners capitalize on their competitive advantage.

3D visualization and BIM integration

In lockstep with the building design industry evolution we use the latest 3D software to prepare models of our structural designs which seamlessly integrate to form a part of the complete building model. 3D modelling not only helps to understand complex building structures, but also ensures a well-coordinated final product.

Structural assessment

We provide property managers and municipalities with an expert, unbiased asset evaluation during accidents or routine inspections for fiscal planning and managerial purposes.


Project Management

We understand that success of any project hinges on the quality of the design team. Over the years, we’ve cultivated many enduring partnerships with consulting firms. Using these relationships, our firm provides full project management services taking your project from concept to post-substantial completion.



Design Development

Design Team management

  • Architectural
  • Mechanical/Electrical
  • Geotechnical
  • Landscape

Estimation & Budgeting

Bid negotiation

Contract administration

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