Residential Projects

The following gallery represents residential projects we have worked on over the years. The success of the following project is dependent on Contractors that respect the Architect, designer, and Engineers vision. It is also dependent on the coordination of all consultants involved to work seamlessly.


Pinpoint Engineering has the experience to completely change the look of your existing home. The most common request is to change an existing low ceiling to a “cathedral ceiling”, but we can also modify a framing structure to change the exterior look to a gable roof, hip roof, dutch roof, mansard roof, flat roof, gambrel roof, or dormer roof(s).

Beyond roof framing or roof look of existing homes, we have the experience to modify every aspect of an existing home or build a completely new structure. Our team has completed projects with underpinning, shoring, walk-outs, walk-ups, cold storage, home extensions, and pools. Our team also has Civil Engineering capabilities to modify yards, grading, landscaping, and add features in the backyard such as pools, sheds, carports, and cabanas.

If you are looking for a completely new development such as a new individual home or a sub-division, we have experience with that as well. Multi-residential developments are more involved and require a large consulting team. We have the Civil Engineering team that can complete the studies required, storm water management, site plan control, site servicing, and administration requirements

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